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Visual Artist . Nomad . Photographer . Light Chaser . Life Explorer

Travel the world, shoot documentaries and photos, find the most wonderful carmenere at the most wonderful sunset, a shiraz will do too! feast like an emperor, far away countries, languages, their culture and their people, family above all, cry over a cheese movie, hugs, mac gadgets, being touched by the smile of a baby, swim a bit, never smoke, being defective but affective, staring at your eyes through the viewfinder and reach today farther than i did yesterday...

Barcelona | Ciudad de México

Currently working on a personal project and available for assignments, feel free to contact me.

Many of the images shown on this site are released and available for licensing.

About Me

I was born in Queretaro, Mexico and grew up bouncing around the world with an endless curiosity and eager to discover and try new things. Somewhere along the road i fell in love with the ability to capture those experiences using a camera although i was never able to decide over the still and the motion pictures. The lonely, paused and intimate capture of a moment in time using a photo camera against the adrenaline rush, excitement and the great circus of a film or tv production is a dual addiction for me. Both are appealing, both produce memorable images, reach out to the viewer feelings and allow me to create something that did just not exist before. After some 15 years of dreaming, some schooling, lots of self teaching, after more than 30 countries, some broken cameras, many mistakes, succeeding sometimes, laughs, falls, beers, malbecs, affairs, coldness and eventually reaching all the way from the Atari into the iPad... i still have not seen enough. But i have certainly learned something... the most important of all have been the people i have met along the way... whom have been part of this trip, have lent me a hand or gifted me a smile.

Today i am passionately devoted to create powerful images may they be for a prime time tv show on a major network or for my own personal work lost in the glaciers of Patagonia. Youth and money will fade in time, cameras will become obsoletes, this world will never cease to change and we will take nothing to the grave but those images we captured, those moments turned memories which we stole from time.


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  • Vulnerability

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    Vulnerability is the strongest state to be in. How boring would it be if we were constantly dominant or constantly submissive?

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